Our galvanizing factory is located at the electro-plating zone in Shenzhen, facilities and material are strictly maintained in order to control stable quality and daily output.   To achieve high-end resistance requirement, we keep not only the same surface quality but also the process and specification.

Chrome series

Nickel series

Black series

Copper series

From left to right:

CP: Chrome Plated

BSC: Brushed Satin Chrome

DC: Dull Chrome

PC: Pearl Chrome

From left to right:

MPN: Matt Pearl Nickel

PN: Pearl Nickel

NP: Nickel Plated

DN: Dull Nickel

MBSN: Matt Brushed Satin Nickel

From left to right:

BSNG: Brushed Satin Nickel Gun

GL: Gun Light

MBG: Matt Brushed Gun

BN: Black Nickel

BPN: Black Pearl Nickel

MBN: Matt Black Nickel

MBBN: Matt Brushed Black Nickel


From left to right:

MDRAE: Matt Dark Red Antique Edge

MRAE: Matt Red Antique Edge

CR: Copper Plated

RA: Red Antique

BRA: Black Red Antique

BCR: Brushed Copper

MCR: Matt Copper

MRA: Matt Red Antique


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