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Our galvanizing factory is located at the electro-plating zone in Shenzhen, facilities and material are strictly maintained in order to control stable quality and daily output.   To achieve high-end resistance requirement, we keep not only the same surface quality but also the process and specification.

Chrome series

Nickel series

Black series

Bronze series

Copper series


From left to right:

CP: Chrome Plated

BSC: Brushed Satin Chrome

DC: Dull Chrome

PC: Pearl Chrome

From left to right:

MPN: Matt Pearl Nickel

PN: Pearl Nickel

NP: Nickel Plated

DN: Dull Nickel

MBSN: Matt Brushed Satin Nickel

From left to right:

BSNG: Brushed Satin Nickel Gun

GL: Gun Light

MBG: Matt Brushed Gun

BN: Black Nickel

BPN: Black Pearl Nickel

MBN: Matt Black Nickel

MBBN: Matt Brushed Black Nickel


From left to right:

BP: Bronze Plated

AB: Antique Bronze

MAB: Matt Antique Bronze

MBB: Matt Brushed Bronze (coming soon)

From left to right:

MDRAE: Matt Dark Red Antique Edge

MRAE: Matt Red Antique Edge

CR: Copper Plated

RA: Red Antique

BRA: Black Red Antique

BCR: Brushed Copper

MCR: Matt Copper

MRA: Matt Red Antique


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